Coffee Clutch

Coffee Clutch was a short script that I wrote quite quickly and put it in a drawer. It was a response to the questions "What is a short that I would like to see?" Being a coffee lover originally from the Seattle area, the subject of coffee seemed like a good starting point. I wrote the agent character for myself, because I enjoy playing villains and he was just so much fun to write and portray.

A few months after I wrote it, my wife Kamala and I were talking with a young man named Irfan Merchant who was looking for some material to direct. My wife offered up my script and Irfan read it and enjoyed it. He said that he wanted me to play the agent but he really wanted the actor Miguel Sandoval to play the other role. I didn't know Miguel at the time, but it just so happened that a few weeks later, Kamala was asked to do a staged reading and Miguel Sandoval happened to be playing her dad. She encouraged me to give him the script and before I knew it Miguel had agreed to to do it. It was so great to work with this supremely talented and generous professional