I met the living legend Tony Horton almost a decade ago. He impressed me so much with his energy and enthusiasm. He recommended his workout, P90X, and I began doing it. It became hugely popular with me and the rest of the world. It became such a big part of my daily routine, I had to spoof it. I created SLOB90X that ultimately became a series of short commercials and a website for a product that doesn't exist. I prefer people to enjoy it in its website form at but I have placed a few videos here below. If you are a P90X fan you'll notice some references to Tony's banter.

This is the main commercial extolling the virtues of being a lovable slob. It features the talent bodybuilder actor Firas Alkhazaali as the rejected muscleman and comedian David Nieker breaking free of his muscle casing to become a lovable SLOB. The hilarious Eric Lauritzen plays the Tony Horton character Ronnie McDonnie.

Regression Drink

P90X often talks of the Recovery Drink, which is a tasty drink you enjoy post workout. SLOB90X has it's own version called the Regression Drink. I always liked the idea of drinking hotdog water because it's so disgusting, just thinking of it can induce the gag reflex. There is also a little reference to face dancing. I think you'll enjoy the deadpan stylings of Kahle McCann who really dove into this role.

What Exactly is SLOB90X

For those who still don't get it. This video lays out the benefits of the SLOB90X program. Blas Lorenzo, who is a great friend and one of my favorite physical comedic actors is featured in this.